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Sep 7, 2020 | Automation

Passwords should not be written inside your diary or stored in a notes app on your phone. Instead, find a digital password vault application that encrypts your passwords and helps provide a layer of security.

Whilst you’re at it, it is time to do all those software updates and ensure your anti-virus subscription and anti-ransomware software is up to date and installed on your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computers.

Security Cameras
Security cameras , video doorbells and smart deadlocks are next.

By law, security cameras need to be installed by a licensed installer. There are various options including wired, Power over Ethernet and wireless. Some have batteries but most have a wired power supply.

Unless you are very disciplined with recharging batteries, it is inevitable that the very day you need to see footage of a security event will be the very day the batteries run out. In terms of dependability, powered cameras remove the potential for missing a security event on camera due to battery power down.

Security Cameras
Some software provides familiar face recognition and alerts that are sent to phones and other devices. Alerts for parcel deliveries and visitors can be provided in a timely manner and the footage from the cameras can be recorded in the “cloud” so there are no hassles with hard drives or passwords. A microphone icon on the doorbell app enables homeowners to talk to the person at the front door, even if not home. There is even a pre-recorded message that can be used instead of a homeowner using their own voice.
A Smart deadlock means no more keys or rushing to the door to let someone inside. With their own entry code assigned, a person can enter the home and the details automatically recorded in a log. A temporary code could be issued to tradesmen or guests.
Security Cameras
Smoke and CO alarms can be integrated with smart thermostats to turn off gas heating if smoke is detected and in case of emergency to announce an audible alarm over the speakers or flash smart-lights on and off, or even red and blue.
Security Cameras
With various speakers and displays deployed throughout the home, it may be possible to send and receive messages such as “dinner is ready”, “we’re leaving now” or even “come downstairs. Music can be “piped” through speaker groups in a studio or shop. There could even be emergency messages such as a “fire” or “workshop accident”.


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