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Whether you’re an expert, do-it-yourself hobbyist, tradesman or novice, SolutionsDone helps with expert design, consulting, installation, configuration, repair, maintenance and de-automation services.

During installations, we share our expert knowledge and experience to help owners learn how to best use the technology. Most of our work involves easily-accessible technology such as wireless or low-power systems, software programming such as IFTTT or replacement products for existing devices. Home automation technology typically connects to phones, wearables and home devices such as control panels, smart speakers and screens. Our services include configuring access to devices, cloud-based systems, changing passwords, connecting to networks, upgrading software and managing networks, power supplies and wiring and of course training.

We leverage over 30 years’ experience in digital systems, hardware, firmware, software, military communications, corporate IT systems, software and cyber-security.

From basic configuration to highly complex problems, our service delivery is patient, trustworthy and helpful. Let us help take away the frustration, expense and time to give you back peace of mind, security and fun.

Safety and compliance are foremost. Should your job require it, (such as installing a new electrical power outlet), we will arrange specialists, engineers, insurance, certificates of safety and compliance and trade services with licensed sub-contractors.

We look after the whole process from end to end. To make sure we provide the best possible service, we also partner with some of the brightest and best specialists, distributors and manufacturers.

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