Review: Google Nest x Yale digital deadlock

Sep 22, 2014 | Uncategorized

The Google Nest x Yale digital deadlock is not available in retail stores in Australia. However it can easily be purchased online via the usual sites and after delivery, exchange rates and import duties expect to pay around $500. 

Note that an important difference from the Yale Assure digital deadlocks availabe in hardware stores in Australia is that the Nest x Yale comes with an inbuilt module that connects to your wiifi.  Whilst add-on zigbee or ZWave modules can be purchased online for the Yale Assure, you’ve probably spent more overall than if you bought the Nest Yale in the first place! The Nest × Yale Lock uses the open-source Weave protocol to connect to Nest Connect (provided) which is both a range extender and the way to connects the lock to your wi-fi.

There are a couple of other things to know for before buying one…mainly related to the existing type of lock it is replacing or the door on which it is being installed.  Note that it is a deadlock so you will need a door that has a closing latch of some sort (e.g. a handle or knob with its own strike plate).  That is because the deadlock bolt has to be pricely alligned with the recess to operate properly.  It also wont work with mortice-style locks. 

Other nice features include the ability to assign entry codes to various people and to view the entry log (real piece of mind for parents knowing their teenagers are home safe).  For security reasons, the door cannot be unlocked using Google Assistant but it can be locked this way.  

One of our customers wanted a way to provide access for her visting home carers without getting multiple duplicate keys cut or having to come to the door every time the doorbell rings.  Issuing each carer with a digital code for the Google Nest x Yale digital deadlock solved the problem for her and it was a complete solution when combined with a Google Nest Hello doorbell, 

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